Sept 2019




Oslo, Norway



Through the use of authentic features, the new Viking museum presenting this traditional period in a way that provides visitors with a strong connection to the Viking culture past, persistent influence and its future. Visit The experience begins at Viken inlet, at the original museum main entrance. From here it flows pedestrian against the new building, which is located behind the existing museum. The new building respects the original museum by its location and design, and honor original building's place in modern Norwegian history by balancing new as well as old style. The proposal form is inspired by the Vikings technical skills, engineering skills and creativity. Spacious galleries creates a home to icons and a space for exploration of trails of varying themes in depth exhibition and special exhibitions.

In settler atrial in the cove is Osebergship placed in line with Gokstadship, now moved to the stately main passage in the original museum. The new arrangement enhances both ships through a multitude of new and significantly better observation point. The new and the old building is assessed as a whole and create in your uniform and comprehensive museums and visiting experience. The new building is also designed with an enhanced harmony between museum and community. We have therefore decided to create a building that respects physical features while we want to emphasize a unique cultural treasure.


Andrei Hakhovich with Haas Architecture