gradient matter

We reach beyond established trends and apply new creative solutions.

Gradient Matter is a San Francisco-based ideas-driven interdisciplinary design studio. Our goal is to provide solutions for architecture, interior design, and public space installations for residential, hospitality and cultural projects.

The studio’s work focuses on architecture, interiors, public art and furniture which are highly engaging, ecological, and performative to have a sensorial impact on its users. Every project of Gradient Matter is imbued with productive and creative tensions or opposites, giving birth to new narratives and storytelling through design and architecture. Studio is led by Andrei Hakhovich, seamlessly integrates architecture, design, and art into his approach, resulting in an intimate exploration of space. His passion for phenomenology, computation, materiality, engineering serves as a bridge between the mind and heart. As pragmatic yet enthusiastic, hands-on designers, we are involved in our projects from design to implementation. Our clientele range from technology businesses and developers to communities and individuals. They are united in their love of invention and design.


(Past and present) Kim Woohyung, Jung Young, Sheng-Chieh Lin, Dalal Alobaid, Holly Hodkiewicz, Carlos Sabogal

Andrei Hakhovich

Founder, Design Director

Offering an array of following services:


Well-thought-out architecture and environments that are site-specific, made with close attention to details and complement our clients' life.

Interior Design

We see interior design as an art form, and we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional design approach in order to create unique, functional and visually stunning spaces.

Product design

We think that furniture and product design should be functional, reflect your personality and the broader world around us. We are committed to producing one-of-a-kind  pieces with distinct storylines.

Public Art

We offering wide range of creative and innovative solutions in public art. Our studio is dedicated to enhancing public spaces and creating engaging experiences for communities through unique and inspiring installations. We specialize in concept development, design, and fabrication of public art installations, tailored to specific sites and clients’ objectives. In addition to artistic concepts and narratives we often rely on computational design and digital fabrication in order to deliver efficient, inventive solutions that are adapted to individual demands of the project.

Computational design and digital fabrication

We are offerings services in computational design and digital  fabrication that provide a wide range of design solutions to clients across various industries and at different scales. By using technology and digital manufacturing we generate sophisticated, inventive solutions that are adapted to individual demands of the project.

Our mission is to build exciting, ecological and soulful designs that empower and inspire everyone.