June 2022


Interior Design



In order to produce a one-of-a-kind healing and spatial experience, we are combining modern technology, computational design modeling, and digital fabrication with traditional construction approaches.

Design of the space is drawing inspirations from an ancient Roman baths and Navajo hogans. Interior of the clinic will allow visitors to step into a spatial environment that holds back the outside world both visually and acoustically. Environment that creates its own world and deeply intertwined with the therapeutic treatments. With its double curved shape, the earthen plaster treatment rooms create an exceptional visual, tactile, and acoustic experience. Patients are immersed into the space with thickened walls and isolated from external sounds and visuals. Cove lights have oval shapes and circular geometries were used for panels inside the treatment rooms, all for the purpose of creating a supportive and restorative environment, providing a sense of modern sacred space. In the view of C.G. Jung, circular forms represent the Self or total personality: “Circle invites conflicting parts of our nature and allows for unification of opposites in order to represent sum of who we are.”

The soft earthiness of the interior color palette, with earthen plaster and wood as the main materials and textures, is inspired by abstract art and nature. Integration of architectural forms and color embraces color’s ability to shape our perception of space and effect state of mind. Circular shape of featured art element has concentrated effect in which several simultaneous patterns of color could coexist, while at the same time producing a feeling of movement.


Andrei Hakhovich, Jung Young