Jan 2016


Interior Installation


San Francisco, California



Vorticity operates under the guise of perception through the altering of one’s awareness via modes of reflection, integration, and requisitioning. The installation focuses the gallery visitor’s attention on the three main display screens that highlight the work of client's visual artists. As you move around the room you capture glimpses of change, reflecting light in differing degrees, transforming the spectrum as it bounces through the smoky panels. It produces a feeling of interest and curiosity, offers unusual reflections and light qualities to the space, and inspires people to pause, get curious and come closer to see the framed animations.The staggered panels twist and turn around the LCD screens expressing movement and dislocation, fragments of the masonry wall behind promenade their way through the installation at moments revealed, sometimes hidden. Vorticity focuses your vision while drawing your eye ever closer to something suddenly disappearing.