June 2023


Interior Design



Pleat space retail concept in Los Angeles, CA. At the core of our concept for a small retail brand location in the city lies a deep-rooted passion for craft and understanding interconnection of retail and community building. We think that “brick and mortar” retail should be more than merely a place to shop; it should be a place where visitors can meet and build community through events, whether they be art exhibitions, musical performances, fashion presentations, or collaborative projects and workshops.

Our adaptable space is a blank canvas that may be customized to meet the requirements of our community. In a world where retail is frequently transactional, we seek to offer a unique experience—one in which every visit is an opportunity to engage with products, community, learn something new, and leave with a sense of connection. The combination of pleated and raw surfaces, along with expertly carved niches at intriguing angles, creates an enthralling visual story that blends perfectly with the delicate folds of the apparel textiles on show. This conscious design choice not only highlights the craftsmanship of our products, but also establishes a strong bond between the objects themselves.


Andrei Hakhovich, Kim Woohyung