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Vor­tic­ity oper­ates under the guise of per­cep­tion through the alter­ing of one’s aware­ness via modes of reflec­tion, inte­gra­tion, and repo­si­tion­ing. The instal­la­tion focuses the gallery visitor’s atten­tion on the 3 main dis­play screens that high­light the work of Trans­par­ent House’s visual artists. As you move around the room you cap­ture glimpses of change, reflect­ing light in dif­fer­ing degrees, trans­form­ing the spec­trum as it bounces through the smoky pan­els. The stag­gered pan­els twist and turn around the LCD screens express­ing move­ment and dis­lo­ca­tion, frag­ments of the masonry wall behind prom­e­nade their way through the instal­la­tion at moments revealed, some­times hid­den. Vor­tic­ity focuses your vision while draw­ing your eye ever closer to some­thing suddenly disappearing.