Optical Fictions Fabrication

Part Building rainscreen, part new public art for the city of El Cerrito, CA

The project consists of two primary elements, the primary surface and the secondary reflective surface.
The primary surface consists of a gradually modulating surface which starts as a equilateral triangle profile, refracting equal parts ground and sky, then modulates to a flatter and flatter plateau profile which creates a flat surface parallel to Bart.
The secondary surface consists of a highly reflective yet elusive pattern over the primary surface which, depending on light and time of day, alternates in color and prominence that activates the overall artwork with its surroundings.

Borrowing from the atmospheric conditions of the bay area, these two surfaces blend, feather and (blank) to create an evolving landscape that captures the local reflections along with the overall gradations the bay view has to offer.
The reflective surfaces will slightly angle up/down and side to side to offer a kind of kaleidoscope of relationships as onlookers observe the artwork. From afar, these multi directional reflections will create color palates that are unexpected and not one to one.
For pedestrians along the street, the lower 1/3 of the project will reflect/refract more left to right while the upper 2/3 more sky and clouds
From afar along the hills, the upper 1/3 will reflect upwards as a means to “feather” the presence of the installation refracting the atmospherics and color of the sky.
Similar to seasonal fog of the SF bay de-materializing and “feathering” natural forms of the islands in the bay and city skyline

Design and fabricated by Gradient Matter in collaboration with SUM

Facade, Public Art

Work in progress

El Cerrito, CA