New Bauhaus Museum

We see The New Bauhaus Museum Weimar as a Bridge, con­nect­ing and bring­ing together not only the museum’s his­toric col­lec­tions, but also the Weimar pub­lic, by cre­at­ing a wel­com­ing museum and com­mu­nity cen­ter with an adjoin­ing “Bauhaus Platz” as a new, highly active civic cen­ter in Weimar. The museum’s unique site at the edge of the Weimar Park and His­toric Asbach Green Cor­ri­dor to the west and its urban bor­ders with the Weimar Cen­trum and Thu­ri­gian Admin­stra­tion Build­ing and greater Weimar to the east, offer an incred­i­ble oppor­tu­nity to “bridge” together these cur­rently dis­con­nected impor­tant parts of Weimar. The Con­cept of our pro­posal begins with sim­ple, ratio­nal, for­mal func­tion­al­ism in the spirit of the Bauhaus ethos, to cre­ate an effi­cient, open and flex­i­ble exhi­bi­tion sys­tem, which allows the his­tor­i­cal Bauhaus Col­lec­tion to inter­weave, while being visu­ally con­nected to all Chap­ters for the Col­lec­tion. The cycli­cal nature of the exhi­bi­tion lay­out on the upper level, allows vis­i­tors to freely explore the Museum’s Col­lec­tions from either cur­rent day chap­ters, mov­ing into the past, or expe­ri­ence the col­lec­tion from the past mov­ing for­ward. The free lay­out pro­vides oppor­tu­ni­ties to explore and learn at one’s own pace.

Joined competition with Haas Architecture



Weimar, Germany