Discovery Expo Space

Our concept for this installation creates a multi-show experience under the banner of a single brand, divided into two parts – Eurosport Kid and Mindblown. Our approach maximizes impact within the limited available space of 5Mx5.5M and emphasizes the multifaceted nature of the Discovery Channel without diluting the brand. Our design strategy is to split the booth into two dynamically interlocking zones, each with a distinctive personality, but connected by a shared furniture theme and a common roof, which acts as both a unifier from the inside and byway of it kinetic angle a beacon from the outside. Eschewing trend and flash, form subtly follows function; the space is built from wood and fabric, creating warmth and familiarity – a welcome refuge in the center of a large and chaotic expo. Meandering seating mixed with retail surfaces is playing branded merchandise encourage dialogue and chance meetings with staff and other expo attendees – a truly shared experience with integration and crossover potential. The structure itself is designed to allow for multiple content showcase opportunities, from branded print imagery, to projection mapping solutions that play off the exposed structural elements. The entire envelope is wrapped in a textural, semi-translucent fabric that creates complete privacy but allows for exciting content and logo projection opportunities. This plan is optimal in its versatility. The booth creates an immersive learning environment – a seamless pairing of advanced digital content and striking physical presentation, engaging minds of all ages in the youthful act of discovery while providing a functional business space complete with areas for professional meetings and supply storage. The booth is built from materials that are easily dismantled for storage and can be re-used at multiple venues.

Client: Transparent House

All renderings are by Transparent House

Exhibit Design

In progress

London, UK