Gra­di­ent Mat­ter is an emerging, ideas-driven, mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary design studio lead by Andrei Hakhovich and based in San Francisco, California. The studio’s work focuses on envi­ron­ments, sce­nar­ios and dig­i­tal crafts which are highly spe­cial­ized, engag­ing, eco­log­i­cal, and per­for­ma­tive to have a sen­so­r­ial impact on its users. Andrei is a designer that com­bines rigor of inno­v­a­tive design, fab­ri­ca­tion skills and advanced computational tools.

Andrei was born in Minsk, Belarus and has an edu­ca­tional back­ground in both archi­tec­ture and engineering. He received a BS in Civil Engi­neer­ing from Belaru­sian National Tech­nic Uni­ver­sity and a Masters degree in Archi­tec­ture from Cal­i­for­nia Col­lege of the Arts in San Fran­cisco where he was recipient of Mel Fer­ris Dean’s Choice Award for excellence in design. Andrei is adjunct professor of architecture at Cal­i­for­nia Col­lege of the Arts where he teaches graduate level studio,  digital media seminars and tutored numerous workshops. Prior to establishing his own design practice Andrei have gained experience at the number of prominent architecture and design studios among which were Front Inc., Craig Steely Architecture, Faulders Studio and Haas Architecture.

Our clients range from social media giants to private residential clients. As emerging, pragmatic yet passionate and extremely hands-on designers, we stay engaged in our projects throughout each stage, from the project’s design to its execution.

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